About Us

Jefferson County Pet Food Pantry will distribute pet food once a month to low-income families, seniors, disabled and the homeless in Jefferson County Missouri. Ensuring that our community's companion animals never go hungry is one of the most basic and critical aspects of animal welfare. Some people turn their animals over in the hope that someone else can give them a better life. Nearly 20,000 animals are euthanized in the US every day; there are simply not enough homes. Through education, spay & neuter and with the help of organizations such as Jefferson County Pet Food Pantry, it could mean the difference between keeping pets in their homes and relinquishing them to local shelters or abandonment.

Jefferson County Pet Food Pantry is 100% volunteer based non-profit group. We have very little overhead so the funds go directly to helping animals. Our group relies on kind people to make donations and help with fund-raising. We offer temporary pet food for people needing help. Please note we are not a permanent source of pet food. We want people to know help is available and giving your pet up to a shelter should not be an option.

Thanks to a kind donor, we are now able to assist in some veterinary care through the Claudius Cares Fund. This fund will primarily help with low cost spay/neuter programs and sick, elderly or terminally ill pets whose owners cannot afford humane euthanasia.