Pet Food Drop Off

Jefferson County Pet Food pantry can only operate with your support. We are always looking for businesses who will allow us to put in a pet food donation bin. We will promote your business on our website, Facebook page and give you hugs. We appreciate your support.

You can drop off pet food for us at the following locations:

Jefferson County Pet Food Pantry & Thrift Store

4150 Old State Rd M

House Springs, MO 63051


(Weds,Thurs. & Fri. 11-4, Sat. 10-3)

Petco, (Arnold)

1221 Jeffco Boulevard

Arnold, MO 63010

Romaine Creek Veterinary Center

821 Romaine Creek Road

Fenton, MO 63026

Tractor Supply

40 Dillon Plaza Dr.

High Ridge, MO 63049


Pet Supplies Plus (Oakville)

5531 Oakville Shopping Center

St. Louis, MO 63129


Pet Supplies Plus (Concord)

5422 Southfield Center

St. Louis, MO 63123

We accept:

  • Small to large bags of dog food unopened or opened. 
  • Small to large bags of cat food unopened or opened. 
  • Canned dog food puppy to senior unopened. 
  • Canned cat food kitten to senior unopened. 
  • Dog biscuits, cat and dog treats (no rawhide please).
  • Small to large bags of cat litter unopened or opened. 
  • Cat or dogs toys new or clean. 
We appreciate any pet food given to us however; we prefer some type of MEAT or FISH (NOT CORN) be in the first few ingredients.
We do NOT need towels, blankets or any type of bedding.