Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Year End Review!

I am missing a few months of pet food documentation so, I averaged what we give away a month.
We have been pretty lax about counting the canned food and litter we give away but I am working on getting better organized this year (:

Dry Dog Food: approx 32,000 lbs
Dry Cat Food: approx 10,000 lbs

We have given away hundreds of cases of canned dog and cat food as well as many hundred pounds of cat litter. Add to that treats, toys, bowls, collars, leashes, flea preventative, shampoo, etc.

We paid spay/neuter fees for 35 Dogs and 49 Cats. We did send more people to Carol House, but because they were having specials (such as free fix for Pits and Pit mixes) we didn’t have to pay the fees! Big thanks to Carol House Quick Fix!

We went the extra mile for:

1.)  A sweet little Beagle named Kujo who was attacked by the neighbor’s dog. Kujo’s mom is legally blind and didn’t have a fenced yard. We got Kujo fixed up, shots, rabies, license AND thanks to Tammy Hasenpflug (one of our followers) who donated an outdoor kennel, Kujo can now go outside worry free!

2.)  We took in a very sweet little dog but due to neglect and some legal charges (we can’t go into details) he is now with a very loving senior couple who adores and spoils him.

3.)  We paid to have open tumors removed from 2 different (from two separate, struggling people) dogs Roscoe and Katie.

4.)  We paid boarding/vetting for 2 Chi’s during the hottest part of this summer because their owner’s electricity was turned off. Sadly the owners left the dogs in boarding for over a month, our bills were sky high and when we asked the owners to please get the dogs, they picked them up and surrendered them to a shelter. Thanks to some remarkable folks a.) the shelter who took them, felt bad for us and donated the adoption fee (they were adopted together). Thank you Open Door! b.) Thanks to an anonymous donor who knew of our expense and covered our bill. Do you believe in Karma? I certainly do!  

5.)  We were contacted by a very nice person with kidney failure who could no longer keep her beloved dog. Thanks to the great folks at Even Chance Pit Bull Rescue. We were able to find a great foster home for her. She is available for adoption

The sad part of what we do:

We paid to have 2 dogs and 1 cat humanely euthanized because they were suffering and the owners could not afford the vet bills. Thanks to my friend Sandy Pourcillie for inspiring the Claudius Cares Fund, which pays for low income folks to have their beloved pets humanely euthanized.      

Thanks to everyone again for your donations and support! Without you, we cannot make it!               

It’s been a crazy year, can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us!

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