Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Where does the time go?

One year ago today, I made a huge commitment…put ink to paper and signed a 2 year lease for this “hot mess” of a store front. It had been vacant for years and just used as storage. I got a great deal on rent, but in doing so, I would do all of the work to get things up to code (and my standards)
After years of the pantry being nomads, I finally found a centrally located spot where we could store, collect and distribute pet food to our low income residents. Once we got in there and cleared trash out, we realized we actually had a pretty descent size space. The wheels started turning and I decided to go full on with my dream to open a thrift store to support the pantry. Yes I am crazy, but life is short and when opportunity knocks, TAKE IT!!

We had several pet food distributions before we were “legal”. It took six months of clearing out trash, wiring, cleaning, painting, patching holes, minor renovations, permits, inspections and then we were ready to open the thrift store.

I cannot thank all of those who would just show up at night to paint, clean or take out trash when they would see the lights on or who followed our page. The outpouring of volunteers was (and still is) amazing.

I am so incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful people who have stood by and supported us. I feel like we have a home now. I LOVE our little plaza and the merchants we share it with, what a great group of folks.

A special “THANK YOU” to Mary who has stuck by me from carpentry, painting, sorting, cleaning, bagging, distributions and working at the thrift store, you are my rock lady! And to my sweet daddy who has gone above and beyond to make my dream come true. 

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