Saturday, July 2, 2016

What to do if you lose or find a pet in JeffCo and surrounding areas:

More pets go missing around the 4th of July than any other time of year. If you lose a pet or find a are helpful links:
Many are wearing wireless collars. PLEASE note you have to change the batteries often and unless you have a waterproof system, the collars will fail in damp/wet weather! It’s very long, but informative. Please keep this info handy and SHARE! If I can help even one or two people be reunited with their pets, then I have done my job!
Most animals in the JeffCo region end up at Jefferson County Animal Control; they are located at 7105 Shelter Rd., Barnhart, MO 63012. Call 636-797-5577 and visit their links posted below.
If you find a pet: If the animal is wearing a tag with a phone number, call the number. If you can’t reach them, leave a message. If they don’t respond soon, send them a text (a lot of people will not answer unknown calls). Put a signs in your yard and surrounding areas “found pet, must identify”. Be careful handing pets over without proof of ownership or ask for identifying markings. Also, good to post ‘found pet” on the below lost/found pages.
There are times when a Good Samaritan finds a lost animal. Rather than taking the pet to the closest shelter, the finder decides to go to a shelter further. One reason finders do this is because they feel the animal will fare a better chance of not being put to sleep due to overcrowded shelters. Sometimes, the finder may also wait to reach their destination of their travel to drop off the found pet.
To locate a lost pet: We highly recommend that you visit IN PERSON the following shelters and animal control facilities.
Here are just a couple of reasons why we recommend in person visits:
Unfortunately, due to the number of incoming animals each week at our local shelters, it is not possible for our shelter employees to remember each animal's face, details, where the animal was found, etc.
While one person may label a dog as a shepherd mix, another may label the same dog as a lab mix. Therefore, it is best for you or a representative of your family visit all of the animals in the various shelters.
Many shelters have what is called the adoption floor vs the stray hold area. Please be sure to check both areas!
Arnold Animal Control
2912 Arnold Tenbrook Road
Arnold, MO 63010
(636) 282-2387
Crystal City Animal Control
Hugs Landing
Crystal City, MO 63019
(636) 937-4614
City Of Desoto Kennels
17 Boyd Street
Desoto, MO
(636) 586-3326
Festus Animal Control
950 N. Fifth Street
Festus, MO 63028
(636) 636-933-3619
Pevely Animal Control
501 Dunklin Industrial Drive
Pevely, MO 63070
(636) 475-7405
Jefferson County Animal Control Shelter
7105 Shelter Road
Barnhart, MO
(636) 797-5577
Many times people think if they take an animal to the Animal Protective Association (APA) or the Humane Society, they'll have a better chance of surviving than at a government animal control. Yes even all the way from Jefferson County and beyond. So check both of those places.
Animal Protective Association of MO (APA)
1705 South Hanley Road
St. Louis, MO 63144
Phone: (314) 645-4610
Humane Society of Missouri | Headquarters: 1201 Macklind Avenue | St. Louis, MO 63110 | phone: (314) 647-8800

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