Monday, November 26, 2012

A Most Unexpected Thanksgiving Gift.

I spent Thanksgiving at my sister’s house. When I arrived, she informed me there was a card that had been left for the Pantry from a dear old friend she had seen a few days prior. On the card was a drawing of a pit-bull with a beautiful message, even more beautiful was the tear jerking note hand written inside along with a VERY generous donation. 

Because of this kind donation, I am able to make another dream come true..I am starting a fund in conjunction with the pet food pantry called Claudius Cares Fund (in memory of the donators dearly departed dog). Claudius Cares Fund will solely concentrate on low income families from Jefferson County who cannot afford proper vet care. Especially those who have sick, injured, terminally ill and elderly animals that they cannot afford to have humanely or respectfully euthanized. 

Today we are thankful for you, Sandy Pourcillie. Your big heart and generosity is humbly appreciated. 


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