Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2012 Figures are FINALLY finished !!

I have been so busy, but want to let all of the people who have donated food and money to know what we are doing. This the total of what we did this year compared to last year:

                                          2012                   2011

Dry Dog Food                2,426 lbs              520 lbs       +1906 lbs

Canned Dog Food          417 cans               73 cans     +344 cans

Dry Cat Food                 358 lbs                 238 lbs       +120 lbs

Canned Cat Food           628 cans              240 cans     +388 cans

We have assisted in 3 dogs spay/neutered and vetting. Given away crates, leashes, collars, wormer and  shampoo. Rabbit, gerbil and various other pet food. Donated $50 towards helping some starving horses (we are not equipped to feed livestock). Donated 100 plus cans of dog/cat food and countless treats to JCAC.
We also, started the Claudius Cares Fund to assist people with spay/neuter and those who have terminally ill or senior pets that they can not afford to have humanly euthanized.

As you can see, we have doubled and even tripled some of our numbers from last year !! Without your continued support, none of this could happen.

Just want to give a special THANK YOU to:

PetCo Arnold: You guys are so easy to work with and I appreciate your support!!

Bi-State Pet Food Pantry: For always being there and helping a sister out in need!!

Sandy Pourcillie: For making the Claudius Cares Fund happen!!

...and each and everyone one who has donated food or money to help me help those less fortunate than us keep their pets safe at home and well fed. xoxoxox

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